Social Media

Insecurity and social media validation are the downfall of our culture. Know that those you see on social media painting the picture perfect life are lying. They want you to like their posts and give them the attention when in fact that is doing nothing to help them case in point my ex wife Nadine (this one's for the parents but if any of you kids come from a broken hole then you'll understand what you're about to read) she is posting photos and memes about being free and moving on sorry that isntn true she is insecure like 99% of women on social media they just want you to look at them well I looke at you Nadine enerybdaybwhen you came home and then you took my kids away from me Women are inherently wrong by nature. What I did was out of love, not sin. I know I may have some 13 year old teenage girls reading this, but it's true and the band aid has to be ripped off - you are wrong and always will be I'm sorry if this is a little truth bomby but these are all realizations we all make sooner or later donthey teach you this in schools no they're scared to teach the truth

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