Hey there! My name’s Randy, but you can call me by my nickname, The Bust!

Welcome to 13chan! This site was started with one purpose - to help 13 year olds out with life. As a single parent with two 13 year olds of my own, Tristan and Kaleel, oftentimes I see them being fed misinformation in schools or coming home afraid to ask sensitive questions. And I get it - who wants to ask their dad about loving another person and making life or trying to explain to him common core math when math never needed to be updated at all in the first place it worked when he was in school 2+2 will always equal 4. So that’s when I decided to start a website with the facts of life as I know them and un-do a little bit of the damage that public schooling has done to our kids, turning them not into well rounded individuals but prepping them to be just another cog in the wheel that is social slavery.

Public education in our country is a joke. From school shooters to useless proficiency testing that doesn’t grade the children but rather the teacher teaching them, we have since walked off the path to greater education that now leaves many kids behind and set up as failures for the rest of their lives. 13chan aims to take those kids and steer them back onto the right path. I’m taking what I know, what I was taught when education still meant something in this country, and giving it back to your kids. And if you’re a 13 year old reading this, you’re welcome.

Over time, I hope my page grows. I know it looks a little dated right now, but just like some of you coming here, I’m still learning! And to show thanks for what I’m doing for you, all I ask is that you share this site with your friends around school! But don’t let your teachers or principal know - they work for the government, and if the government finds out that someone else is teaching kids the way they’re meant to be taught, then we will never be free. They only want you to know what they want you to know. I want you to learn and know the truth.

Oh, and let your parents know that 13chan’s privacy policy is simple: we’re not collecting any kind of data whatsoever on any user who visits our site! We respect and value your privacy, unlike the government, who wants to know what you’re learning so they can control you.

So, have at it and start clicking! Enjoy the education you were supposed to get but never will in any form of public schooling. Any questions, feel free to email me at thebust@13chan.org!

— The Bust

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