Have you're parents not been getting a long a lot more than usual lately? Have they been screaming at each other?

Well they are most likely going to get divorced. Divorce can be a tough time for young 13 year old's to handle but just know you're not alone. You may see the other kids that have parents that are still together but statically they will not stay together.

You see in the United States 42-45% percent of first marriages end in divorce. By the time one is in their 3rd marriage they have a 70% divorce rate. And though divorce is undeniably hard on the children, it is way harder on the father which is a fact I remind my children daily. You see, I am a victim of divorce due to my ex-wife. In the beginning it was a very emotionally trying time for everyone but mostly for me. My children tried to make it more about them but I had to use this teachable moment to remind them that I was the one truly suffering here. I want to use what I taught to my children and tell you the 3 steps to handling your parents inevitable divorce.

1. Stop Crying

If you ever feel yourself getting emotional about the situation just think of your father and about what hes really going through. Your father is in a much harder situation than you are because he thought he had found the woman he loved and started a family with her and the woman he loved betrayed him by leaving. Imagine how hard that can be on a man?

2. Make sure Dad's okay

Ask him if he needs anything. Ask if he wants you to go to the store to pick something up. These are simple things but they go a long way.

3. Offer to leave

Let your father process these feeling he is having by offering to sleep over a friends house more often or just go out to eat. Anything to leave the house to give your father time to think about how he feels and work through these feelings. The quicker he heals the quicker you will too.

Even though statistically divorce is a part of life it still is hard on every person that goes through it. So Just know kids, even though you're parents have left each other, you are not alone.

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