Catan You Prevail?

Are you tired of sitting on your Gamestation, idly scrolling through your games with nothing new to play? Looking for something that's PvP, has a customizable map, and a plethora of expansions? Here at 13chan, we've got those needs covered and them some. Introducing: Settlers of Catan!

Settlers of Catan is a tabletop game, so no need to wait in a some sort of e-lobby. Simply clear off that dining room table, and you're ready to go. It's Game Time. Since you're new to the Catan circuit, I'll fill you in on the basics. There's only three rules in the lands of Catan; Build, build, build. Conquer the fields of straw and master the stone quarries. You can even become a man of the seas and build your own trade port to get the upper hand in a match. There's so many ways you can play this game, it's insane.

"But 13chan," you ask, "where does PvP come into play?"" I'm glad you asked. Let me introduce you to my friend, and sworn nemesis, The Robber. The Robber starts off alone, roaming the desert but he won't be there forever. When either you or an opponent rolls a seven, that crafty thief comes running to steal your things with a smile! Rolling a seven acts like a job request for the thief. The player who rolled the seven then rolls the bones one more time to determine where the thief ransacks. Nobody on the square you rolled? The thief comes home empty handed? Got a enemy or two on that square? They're about to wish they never built there. Once the thief gets there, he stops all production of ANY resources that spot could produce, and takes them for himself. In return, and as payment for the job, the thief can take 1 of ANY resource from EVERY player who's built on that square. No questions asked. Roll a seven again, and you can send him out on another ransacking mission, but beware; if you can do it, so can your opponents. The thief doesn't care who's paying him as long as his pockets are being filled!

Every kid in your class is already playing Settlers of Catan so you'll be happy to know that it's sold near you. You can find it at your local hobby shop, in similar establishments that sell Magic: The Friendship cards, and those tiny Warhammer action figures. Hurry! A hip game like this won't stay on shelves for long!

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