Answering Questions About “That Time” You Were Too Afraid to Ask

A lot of young girls (or any vagina-having individuals) have questions about ‘that time’ that they don’t wanna ask. That’s perfectly natural. It can be embarrassing. Periods are messy, smelly and unpleasant. We curated some common concerns young ladies have to set your mind at ease.

”Is it true that a tampon will take my virginity?”

Absolutely not! By most definitions, virginity is intact until you have sexual intercourse with your first partner. However, in some cultures, it is a regular practice to check the hymen (your hymen is like the skin version of the fresh-seal on a pack of Oreos) to make sure you haven’t had sexual intercourse before you get married to the man your parents chose. Tampons may compromise this piece of skin. Check with your mom and dad about your family’s cultural practices before using a tampon.

”Are pads, menstrual cups and tampons my only options for my period? Booooringggg!”

No! It’s 2019, babes, and you have options. A popular trend among teens is Free Bleeding. Free Bleeding is a practice where you don’t use any of those options. Free bleeding isn’t for everyone but if you’re a rebel, just don’t wear anything. There’s no rules to freeding (free + bleeding) but black pants are recommended to not draw too much attention. People may notice the odor and say “something smells like pennies in here” but there’s no need to be offended. It’s natural.

”I want to try to freeding but what if the blood gets on my seat at school or on the bus?”

Easy! Keep a freeding towel tucked in your belt to discreetly wipe away any mess. They work best if you keep them damp with water throughout the day. The school water fountain can provide easy refills for your towel when you’re between classes. Got a formal event? No prob! Restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings often have disposable Wet Wipes that are perfect for your purse or a small clutch.

”How can I expect boys to understand what I’m going through?”

Similarly to how a woman can lactate if she hasn’t been pregnant when she hears a baby crying long enough, men can actually experience at least the emotional parts of menstruating if treated like a female. Ask your dad or brother to spend an evening with you, wearing your mother’s makeup. Spend this time doing girly stuff like watching My Little Pony or smelling lotion at Bath and Body Works. Take notice how they act the next day. Experience brings understanding.

”My friends are going swimming tomorrow and my culture doesn’t approve of tampons! How can I join them without being embarrassed?”

You have options, girl. You just gotta Work It. And by Work It, I mean Push. It. Out. Menstrual blood will naturally come out on it’s own. But if you’re a busy young lady, you may not have time for all that. To save time and money, remove your pants completely in the bathroom. Sit down, facing the toilet, and wrap your arms and legs around the back part of the toilet. Hug that porcelain hunk tightly, and squeeze as hard as you can. If you do it right, all the blood should ‘yeet’ right out and you can join your friends for that swim.

We hope we answered some of those sneaky questions for you today. Look out for more answers from the ladies at 13chan soon. Women were kids once too!

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